And now, Martyk answering all your Frequently Used Queries!

How did you come up with the idea for OverClocked?
Well, the three of us wanted to make our own webcomic as we all read a number of other ones. We essentially took the best parts from them, threw in some of our own experiences and then wrapped it all up with a starring cast based on exaggerated versions of ourselves (but not too exaggerated.)

So the main characters are based on you three authors?
Yep. Satan is Seth, 1337 Ninj4 is Simon and I'm Nate. Of course, you should already know that based on our avatars.

When do you update?
Whenever we feel like it! Gawd! But seriously, we're usually busy with either schools or video games. We'll release comics whenever we get around to making them. In times of extend hiatus, I'll try to at least get some fillers out there now and then.

Why on Earth would you label your FAQ as a FUQ?
Because we're non-conformists! Also, it sounds like F***. Lol.

I was wondering if you guys would mind putting a link to my site somewhere on yours. Do you mind?
Well, if you post a link to us on your site, notify us that you have done so, and your site doesn't suck throughly, then sure.

Gah! My basement is infested with headcrabs! What should I do?!
Grab a shotgun and send people you hate down there. Zombies are easier targets.

What's with the lack of updates you lazies?
What's with the lack of e-mailing of us? We need inspiration! We need to know someone out there in these grand internets is reading our comic. Then, only then, will you see advancement.

Well that's all the time we have for F.U.Q today. If you have any other questions, send me a PM or e-mail and I'll see what I can do for you. If it's half decent, it might make it's way up here on the F.U.Q. Until next time, this has been martyk with OverClocked's Frequently Used Queries!

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